Dear family:

Like all parents your offspring’s are of your most important concern, and among those concerns lays their education and their future.

This is the reason for which as a parent and as a fully bilingual teacher, with years of experience in American and British Education, I decided to do HOME TUTORING.

If you are a family of Expats, I will aim to understand your basic demands, needs, necessities and priorities according to your cultural diversity and your country of origin and do my best to have a caring attitude trying to help you as parents with one of your most important issues meanwhile you stay in Argentina: your children’s education.

If you are a local family, I will also help you with my knowledge of the National Curriculum and of the basic demands, your daughters and sons will be facing at present in school and in the future at local universities.

In general, I will always have a flexible, understanding and comprehensive approach, devoting time to hear the students
and their
family members with her/his own concerns, wishes, hopes and expectations.

Some of the many letters of recommendation I received throughout my years as a tutor summon my professionalism, experience, knowledge and achievements offering home tutoring specially designed for each one of my students.

Dear family, with competence, engagement, caring attitude and honest reliability, I offer you an exclusive home tutoring, specially and skillfully designed for each of your offspring, according to their and your needs and expectations, based on years of experience. With highly qualified professionalism, my work is to tutor:

•Students at different Educational Levels (Lower, Middle or High School) (Primary or Secondary School) and also University Level Students.
•In different subjects and / or different objectives as mentioned in my Home Page.
•At the students Home or at my House. (Both in the Northern Suburbs and Downtown)
•Working within personalized individual classes or in small groups.

Students of all levels in need of academic support will find very useful my expertise as a qualified Tutor.

Personally, to be an educator is highly motivating, enormously challenging and I sincerely think that my engagement, commitment and profile will be of your deepest interest.

For a personal interview, any further consultation or information, please call me or mail me mentioning your name, telephone and mail address and I will gladly contact you A.S.A.P.

With kind regards and great pleasure

Prof. Máximo E. Hovagimian
www.tutormaxweb.com | info@tutormaxweb.com | 15-6482-8283 | 15-5413-0400